Company Čepin's core business is representation of companies in Slovenia and beyond. We represent companies that enter the market and find them reliable business partners. We also provide selling services. Collaboration with our company, enables manufacturers, importers and distributors to represent their company faster and more efficiently. Our goal is creating and encouraging mutual collaborations within the markets of Slovenia and beyond. We operate daily in the area of simple chemistry (paints, varnishes, adhesives, solvents, detergents, silicone sealants and acrylic caulks, air fresheners, ...) and accessories for using these products.

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We will try to offer you high-quality products under the optimal conditions and convince you with our speed and reliability! Our long-term goal is creating stable partnership, continuous self-improvement and development of human values, such as integrity and satisfaction in life.

What can we do for you?

  • find you the most suitable business partners and verify their interest in mutual collaboration
  • help you develop the best strategy for entering your target market
  • provide organizational, professional and linguistic support for business meetings and negotiations