• Creating mutual collaborations

    Our goal is creating and encouraging mutual collaborations within the markets of Slovenia and beyond.

  • Our sales programs

    Our represented sales programs are carefully selected and thus very diverse which enables us to create a broad range of companies with common goal, which is meeting the buyer demands and sales promotion.

  • Eexpand our distribution channels

    We also expand our distribution channels to the other markets outside Slovenia and therefore follow the latest innovations and challenges of global market, which is key element in creating adequate growth and development.

  • High-quality products

    We will try to offer you high-quality products under the optimal conditions and convince you with our speed and reliability! Our long-term goal is creating stable partnership, continuous self-improvement and development of human values, such as integrity and satisfaction in life.

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About company Čepin

Company Čepin's core business is representation of companies in Slovenia and beyond. We represent companies that enter the market and find them reliable business partners. We also provide selling services. Collaboration with our company, enables manufacturers, importers and distributors to represent their company faster and more efficiently. Our goal is creating and encouraging mutual collaborations within the markets of Slovenia and beyond.



Find you the most suitable business partners and verify their interest in mutual collaboration


Help you develop the best strategy for entering your target market


Provide organizational, professional and linguistic support for business meetings and negotiations

Latest news

  • novosti paint Pourri smallPAINT POURRI®

    Paint Pourri® PAINT ADDITIVE FRAGRANCES was formulated for use with all water based or latex enamel paints only and is not recommended for use as an freshner in oil based paint, stains, varnishes or similar coatings. It should not be negatively affected by paint additives such as mildecides and should not impact paint colour, quality and application. Please be aware that during the painting proces the fragrance level will be much stronger than after the paint has dried. A sealer primer coat can be used if desired.


  • novosti filter breeze smallFILTER BREEZE

    Filter Breeze AIR FRAGRANCES provides you with an economical, quick and easy method to fragrance your entire home for days! This patent pending, long lasting formula applies directly to your filter and does not require special pads or other substrates to be attached. No pads, no holes to punch, no mess! Filter Breeze quickly adheres to the filter fibers and can be used with any disposable air filter. Simply open filter cover, spray on filter, turn on air or heat and enjoy! 3-5 sprays of Filter Breeze circulates scent throughout the entire home for several days and each bottle treats up to eight filters. This product is truly an entire home fragrancing system!


    In our program for some time we have, promote and trade SMART PAINTS from the Dutch manufacturer MagPaint. SMART PAINTS applied on chosen surface - wall and wooden surfaces, metal or plastic surfaces (of course with prop

    er basic color) - make surface suitable for writing with nonpermanent markers. The surface can be regularly dry cleaned, surface with excessive quantities of coloring residues can be cleaned with cleaning products. We're recommending SKETCH CLEANER cleaner.

    You can choose between a white or colorless SMART PAINT, in glossy or matt appearance. Ecologically intelligent colors SketchPaint does NOT INCLUDE volatile organic substances (VOC), and have a European certificate for use on children's toys EN 71-3.

    Where you can use smart color? Wherever you normally want to change the surface on the writing board! Children's rooms, kitchens, hallways, corridors, offices, schools and kindergartens, hospitals, waiting rooms at railway stations..and much more, in short, everywhere!

  • Magnetic MagnetPaint color is water based color in compliance with all international and EU environmental directives and is certified for use on children's toys EN 71-3. Magnet Paint contains stainless steel iron, which stick to magnets, such as the refrigerator door.
    Magnetic color does not affect the technical equipment!
    It can be used at home, in toyrooms, in offices, shops or fairs, educational or medical institutions. Adheres to any surface suitable for painting - wall, wood, hard plastic. It can be repainted with conventional interior paints in any shade.
    The combination MagnetPaint as a base, painted with SMART PAINT SkechPaint is at the end magnetic write-erase surface for any child's room, or in the workplace!
    MagnetPaint is simply the best solution! Each wall turns into a magical wall, where they adhere to the magnets.

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